Facebook Makes it Tough to Find Out What Pages Like Your Page

It’s easy to see which personal accounts “Like” your Facebook Fan Page. But did you know that you can also find out which other Pages Like yours?

Most users that manage a Facebook Page could probably immediately tell you how to find out who Likes their Page. After all, Facebook notifies you every time someone Likes your Page with a big red notification at the top of your browser. But, aside from this notification, Facebook leaves out an important factor that could contribute to the the success of many Facebook pages. It doesn’t explicitly alert you when another Page Likes your Page!

So, how do you find out if another Page has Liked your Page? You have to manually check. At the bottom of your Page’s Admin Pannel, you’ll see a box of “Recent Likes”. From there, click “See All”.

See All Facebook Page Likes

Click “See All” Page Likes

What pops up after that will be a list of all the personal Facebook users that currently Like your business Page. This functionality has been around since the beginning of Facebook Pages, and has remained almost unchanged. This is a great tool for checking on recent fans’ demographics and/or even making someone a Page Admin if that’s what you’re looking to do.

But, what’s a little harder to find, unless you’re specifically looking, is the fact that you can see what Pages, not just people, are fans. First, take a look at the “People who Like This” overlay that pops up after clicking “See All” in the Admin Panel.

People that Likes this page via fanpage toolkit

The “People Who Like This” overlay is easy to find.

Then, the sneaky part is that you have to select from the drop down menu on the overlay to reveal the “Pages that Like This” overlay. This will show any other Facebook Pages that are following yours. Tricky, right?

Pages that like your page via fanpage toolkit

“Pages That Like This” is a bit harder to find!

Sadly, Facebook makes the process of finding out what Pages Like yours too difficult and too hidden for most people to take advantage of in their Facebook strategy. This should be up front and center, as having the endorsement of another Page’s Like means a lot in the Facebook community.

Having another page Like yours increase the chances of them sharing your page’s content. It increases the odds of forming a relationship with another brand, and in general, is a great measure of a Page’s popularity. Facebook should make it clear which other Pages Like yours, as it would only increase the possible engagement between brands on the platform!

Personally, I think it would be great to be notified of when another Page Likes one that I manage. I would immediately send a quick “thank you” or check out their Page, possibly even Liking them back. Twitter allows this functionality, and has always alerted account managers of when someone or some page follows an account. There should be no difference on Facebook!

What do you think? Do you wish you could tell when another Page Liked yours?


Written by Chris Richards, Fanpage Toolkit’s digital marketing specialist and blogger.

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Chris Richards is the Digital Marketing Strategist for Fanpage Toolkit and writes many of the blog posts featured here. You can follow him on Twitter at @seerichards where he Tweets about tech, marketing, and anything else related to start-ups.
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